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We are SAI Consulting

Our consulting firm is engaged exclusively in the residential construction vertical, on behalf of clients intent on improving operating performance, profitability, and economic return.  We are uniquely qualified to serve our clients’ interests, because we have solved problems and implemented solutions as the senior managers in enterprises just like theirs.  

Our knowledge and experience within a specific industry – combined with the depth of our consulting methodology and the choice of approaches we offer in how that consulting is delivered – sets us apart from any and all other consulting firms.

  • We are not a solution in search of a problem.  We focus a distinctive, systems-oriented, constraints-management problem-solving methodology at addressing an individual client’s specific set of operational circumstances. 
  • We work with clients either under a traditional (fee-for-service) consulting approach or a results-based consulting approach (under which we are compensated solely as a share of the results that our consulting enables them to achieve, measured in terms of the actual improvements to business outcomes). 
  • Pipeline workshops feature the type of learning that occurs in a production situation constructed to replicate the competitive, fast-paced, rapidly-changing, uncertain, risk-laden, variation-filled operating and business environment in which our clients must operate.  http://buildervelocity.com 

Our clients engage us because:   

  1. We have a firm grasp of the operational performance issues they face, and we structure our work in ways they understand; 
  2. We focus the effort to improve operational performance directly on a specific sequence of solutions that rapidly translate into increased profitability and higher economic return; 
  3. We are the leading experts in our chosen areas of consulting, including business workflow, team-based performance compensation, and production management; 
  4. We synthesize a broad range of widely-accepted management tools into customized business solutions; 
  5. We are committed to a type of consulting and a kind of client-consultant relationship defined by results and shared benefits, one that is fully-conscious of the existing capacity and capability for implementing change, and fully-intent on producing learning that increases internal capacity/capability and lessens dependence on us.